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Fine quality sheer linen, breathes well thanks to its light fabric and its loose weave. This scarf can be worn by everyone and across all ages. Best worn in summer and the monsoon, and pairs well with any style of clothing.


Since early times, flax has been known for its curative properties. While it is extremely laborious to make linen, out of the stems of flax plants, the resulting fabric is twice as strong as cotton. Linen is not just antibacterial, and non-allergenicdue it's high permeability and heat conduction, it is also one of the best natural moisture wicking fabrics you can find. And what's best, the more you wash linen, the softer it becomes. So go ahead, boil these scarves in hot water, hot press them if you must. They only get better with age.

  • 100% Linen
  • 70cm x 200cm
  • Proudly woven in India